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100% Finance Home Loans

For Aboriginal Business Owners

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Is all your money tied up in your business?

One of the most critical barriers to entry into the housing market is the ability to render an adequate deposit. This puts many at a huge disadvantage, particularly for business owners whose equity is all invested into their business. Traditional consumer lending channels are inflexible when assessing loan criteria, that’s why Indigenous Management Group have come together with Mountway Finance to develop an alternate pathway to get you there. 

Don’t lose hope

There is a way!

Indigenous Management Group, together with Mountway Finance, have developed a proven pathway for Aboriginal Business Owners to get into a home without any deposit, on a 100% finance home loan. Eligibility criteria still applies.

We’ll highlight the success of your business

Positioning your business is key.


Are you eligible?

To be eligible for our funding pathway, you as the applicant and also you as your business, need to meet some basic requirement checks. 

Personal Requirements

  • You must be the Owner or Part Owner of a business.
  • You must be of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.
  • Ideally your credit record is strong, some past issues are okay but prior bankruptcy can be challenging to get past.

Business Requirements

  • Your business should be a company or company acting as trustee.
  • Your business needs a valid ABN, be registered for GST and be trading for at least 12 months (but 2+ years is preferable).
  • Your business must be turning a profit with no current tax debts and hold a clean credit record.
  • Ideally the business would not have any outstanding debts.

Guided Services Personalised to YOU

If you meet the required criteria above, we’d love to help you!

Our services are personalised to each of our clients, with changes dependent on your history, your location, what kind of property, the property price and how much money you need.

We help you organise your finances and develop a structured plan to demonstrate your ability to service repayments for the period of the loan. Our licensed finance broker will then negotiate terms directly with the banks on your behalf to secure the best possible loan.

Why work with us?

Indigenous Management Group together with Mountway Finance offer an alternative pathway to securing home loan finance. We have an intimate understanding of the local financial landscape and have built up relationships with trusted banks to support Aboriginal business owners across Western Australia. Down from the Goldfields, all the way up to the Pilbara, we have the ability to service all regional areas and can help you realise your home ownership dreams.

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Indigenous Management Group specialises in the development and growth of Aboriginal entities. We assist our clients across all facets of business including corporate planning, financial management, loans acquisition, compliance, marketing and more. For IMG, creating financial independence and enabling home ownership for our clients is what makes us tick, and is a key indicator of our success.

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Mountway Finance headed by Jordan Ralph, is a financial specialist in home and business lending in WA’s northwest. They’re passionate about improving financial outcomes for all, with the desire to be deeply engaged in the region’s growth and prosperity. Based in the Pilbara, Mountway is no stranger to living, working and investing in the region, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get the loans you deserve.

Ready to get into your own home?

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