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About Us

How We Work

The transfer of knowledge from consultant to client is at the forefront of everything we do at IMG. Our ethos requires us to ‘teach not tell’, so that not only the businesses we work with can be successful, but so that success can be passed on to the broader Indigenous Community.

Artwork story

The adjacent artwork was produced for IMG by Roseanne Paine (Wongutha artist, Bunuga skin group). This painting shows how IMG focuses on developing and maintaining long term positive relationships with Aboriginal people and business owners. The footprints represent the journey and development of the clients engaged with IMG.

Management Team

Judd Harris


Judd completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) (Honours) from Curtin University. He worked for BHP Billiton as a process engineer prior to pursuing further studies. In 2015, Judd Harris became the first Indigenous Australian to study engineering at University of Cambridge.

Matthew Stevens


Graduating from Curtin University with a Commerce degree (Finance & Management) Matthew entered the workforce as part of a financial planning team where he developed, not only industry knowledge but the fundamentals of successful networking and stakeholder management.

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Address: Level 2, 16 Irwin Street, Perth WA 6000 Phone: (08) 6444 9114 Email: info@imgwa.com.au