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In an era of burgeoning wealth and economic development for businesses engaged in the WA resource industries, it is imperative that no one is left behind due to systemic barriers.

Indigenous Management Group have developed a groundbreaking Indigenous business lending framework, meticulously crafted to uplift Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners who have long grappled with conventional lending barriers. The framework features a six-step plan that helps businesses develop a successful lending application. We do this by accurately assessing and preparing businesses prior to submission, with a progressive financial plan in place to support their cause. 

Culturally Sensitive Assessment

The framework circumnavigates stand­ardised assessments by incorporating a comprehensive understanding of Indigenous business practices and their unique socio-economic backgrounds. It enables a more holistic evaluation, one that appreciates the context within which these businesses operate.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Embracing the diversity of businesses and their owners, the framework tailors the strategic financial solutions to their unique situation. It approaches typical barriers to entry with greater understanding and the confidence to effectively navigate and resolve potential concerns for lenders.

Progressive Lending Strategies

Recognizing that conventional requirements may not align with the circumstances of Indigenous businesses, this frame­work offers a progressive approach to loan assessment and strategies to improve viability. This includes a revolutionary approach to underwriting loans that embraces the generosity of private funding and supportive Indigenous business networks.

Capacity Building

Beyond just lending, the goal is to support capacity building and skill development. It empowers entrepreneurs to seize more opportunities, manage challenges, and unlock their full potential.

Impact and Vision

Indigenous Management Group’s business lending framework is not just about financial transactions; it’s about transforming lives, communities, and the broader economy. By addressing the historical disparities in lending access, it paves the way for sustainable economic growth, cultural preservation, and social empowerment.

As we launch this initiative, we invite stakeholders from all sectors to join hands and be a part of this transformative journey. Let us collectively champion the cause of Indigenous enterprise, break barriers, and forge a more equitable and vibrant economic landscape.

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