Goldfield Aboriginal Business Chamber launches new website

13 Jan 2021Projects

  • Client: Goldfields Aboriginal Business Chamber (GABC)
  • Services: Business Chamber
  • Location: Goldfields
  • Completed: 13 January 2021
  • Website:

We’re proud to announce the launch of our latest website development for the Goldfields Aboriginal Business Chamber (GABC). 

The GABC is a community initiative that supports local Aboriginal business by increasing commercial visibility and thereby providing greater opportunities in the major industries of the Goldfields region.

IMG is an inaugural member of the GABC with our MD Judd Harris serving as one of the founding directors and our CFO Damien Cooper supporting the financial and strategic management alongside the other dedicated board members.

The website build features a members directory with individual company profile pages, a detailed member registration form and a news feed for all the latest news and events of GABC as well as members focused articles that highlight the wins and happenings from the collective. The website design takes cues from the natural landscape, utilising earthy hues and organic patterns while the backend structure is fully responsive, dynamically optimised for mobile and tablet devices, and support for all modern browsers.

Goldfields Aboriginal Business Chamber website screenshot