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Procurement and Tendering

Procurement can be challenging. Assistance in tendering through identifying requirements, critically assessing briefs, producing supporting materials, and compiling responses for submissions. Learn about procurement processes, tender opportunities, writing winning tenders, and tips to improve tender responses.


Effectively demonstrating your team’s abilties. Use case studies in proposals can be a compelling tool to demonstrate competence. Understand your clients needs and calculate pricing correctly.


Understand your obligations under a written agreement. Contracts can be used for accessing finance, and generating stable revenue in the long-term.


Understand if you meet the minimum Management Standards that a client requires for you to have in place before quoting for specific jobs or undertake work for the client.

Learn about Management Systems

Knowing how to manage your resources, including time, money and staff will help you to deliver projects for clients and create a positive reputation.

Improve your odds at tendering.

Get the right advice and save yourself time. IMG runs tendering workshops for the Small Business Development Corporation service, funded by the WA Government.

If you are interested in attending our workshops or getting advice, please contact an IMG representative.