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Simplifying Aboriginal Participation

We simplify the process for Government and Non-Government Organisations to engage with local aboriginal businesses and traditional ownership groups to fulfil Western Australian engagement requirements as part of the ‘close the gap’ initiative and other industry standards. We aim to simplify the process by being the voice that connects you with the people.

By engaging with Indigenous Management Group as a your facilitation partner, you can rest assured that businesses we recommend that have run through our business development program have the structure, finance and qualifications to meet and exceed expectations.

Aboriginal Participation Strategy

We work with you to develop a strategy framework that supports your organisation to work effectively with Aboriginal people, communities and businesses, and achieve specific outcomes.

Typically an Aboriginal Participation Strategy areas will include:

  • Organisational culture
  • Community engagement
  • Business engagement
  • Employment and retention
  • Training and development

Depending on your unique requirements, we will tailor a strategy that scales with your business.

Aboriginal Participation Plans

We regularly work with organisation both government and non-government that already have Aboriginal Participation Strategies in place however required the development of project specific plans. Aboriginal Participation Plans will outline methodologies for how Aboriginal participation goals will be met, defines targets for the project, resources available at the project location, and more.

Where Aboriginal Participation Plans are required, we will connect you with an Aboriginal Participation Coordinator, most often an individual from the local area who is connected to the community and can reach out on your behalf.

Aboriginal Participation Coordinator

We will work as an intermediate between the Aboriginal business and the project owner. This can cover everything required to prepare Aboriginal businesses for delivering contracts, dependent on what stage the business is at. The work could include business planning, accounting, corporate structure, tendering, finance and prequalification, project management.

Other aspects include communicating and reporting back to the project owner, making sure that everything runs smoothly, solving problems and mitigating conflict at every opportunity.

We have worked in a consulting coordinator role, including projects with complex Aboriginal participation structures involving Native Title holders and mining agreements with Aboriginal Corporations.

Community Engagement Facilitation

IMG can also facilitate the engagement of Aboriginal community and community representatives, mostly for Aboriginal business communities. An example of this service could include delivering a workshop on behalf of a mining company to a Traditional Owner group around business opportunities on their land (related to a mining project on their land).

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